[TowerTalk] 4-Square Owners & Experts "& resonant trees..."

Bill Fisher - W4AN w4an@contesting.com
Fri, 8 May 1998 10:19:12 -0400 (EDT)

> That, combined with the lower radiation
> angle, should make the 4-square quite superior to a high dipole. Most
> 4-square owners I've talked to think so. 

Well I'm a 4-square owner and I am going to disagree with you to a 
point.  This winter I did some comparisons with N4RJ on 80M CW.  Val is 
running a inverted-V extended length dipole with the ends pulled slightly 
toward Europe at a height of 165 feet.  I'm not sure of the exact length 
of the dipole.  Every station that we compared with that night gave Val 
one S-unit advantage over my 4-square.  Every station we worked was in 
Europe and Val and I were both running the same power output.  

However, I seemed to be hearing better than Val (he was using a 
beverage), and I believe I am far superior in all other directions 
especially to Asia.

I think a high dipole (150' + ) on 80M is a VERY good transmit antenna in 
it's favored directions.  Combined with some phased beverages for RX, I 
believe this is better combination than a 4-square to those directions.  
However, the 4-square is very versatile.  


Bill, W4AN

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