[TowerTalk] Re:Cable penetration into the home

Stan stan@capeonramp.com
Thu, 28 May 1998 19:38:31 -0400

Hello Dave,

A few questions come to mind:

    are you on the 14th floor of the condo or the first floor of a home
with a cellar ?

If you have a cellar window, remove the glass and replace with a
aluminum plate which will become the building penetration point. Fit
bulkhead mount coaxial connectors to the plate with coaxial lightning
protectors on the outside. Or, fit the lightning protector itself to the
outside of the plate.

Consider using the ICE lightning protectors or any others on the market
that use a gas dischargr tube. A distant second type would be the older
coaxially mounted spark gap type....
Determine if you need DC to pass through the lightning protector for
VHF/UHF mast mounted preamplifiers. Not all lightning protectors pass DC

Electrically bond the plate to your earth ground system.  When you want
to disconnect the cables
go down cellar to the penetration panel and disconnect at the coaxial
connector... be sure to label the cables and connectors appropriately,
HF1 to HF1 , 6M to 6M , T2X to T2X, etc....

Often times, buried conduit (containing your coaxial cables rotator
control cables , etc...) can be run to the window well area, then into
the penetration panel. To my window well I ran 2 each 4" conduits and 2
each 3.5" conduits. Now I want to add a few runs of 1-5/8 Andrews
hardline and things will be tight.. The point being, you should always
double or triple your initial estimate of conduit....

I would suggest buying the parts for the panel and installing and
fabricating yourself.
A custom fabricated penetration panel would be prohibitive for most
hams... If you have money to burn, call POLYPHASER......

I hope this helps

Stan, WA1ECF   Cape Cod,MA    FN41sr

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