[TowerTalk] Titanex Verticals

morel morel@shani.net
Tue, 3 Nov 1998 18:25:46 +0200


I asked a similar question few weeks ago about V80 vertical
and most the answers were not so enthusiastic.
The antenna was used with good results for very short periods
by some DX-peditions in the past but on the long term the
mechanical design and some parts' quality didn't justify the
price ( according to few guys complaints ). It seems that only
a half or so of the antenna has titan/aluminium alloy tubing.
You can find details on Titanex WEB site.

From: Jonathan Kaplan <jonk@moonlink.net>
To: towertalk@contesting.com <towertalk@contesting.com>
Date: 02 November 1998 18:18
Subject: [TowerTalk] Titanex Verticals

>Hi all,
> I've been considerin a new HF antenna system, and wondered if any
>one out there has any experience at all with the Titanex antenna systems.
>I saw a  reference to it here a few weeks ago and looked them up.  The
>company claims world-wide DX use, but couldn't provide any specs. I'd 
>appreciate hearing from any of you about these antennas.
>TNX and 73
>Jonathan Kaplan  KO6XS

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