[TowerTalk] Diameter of mast tube on Rohn 25 top section

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj@ij.net
Tue, 3 Nov 1998 06:18:55 -0500

Does anyone know offhand the outside diameter of the tube at the top of a
Rohn 25 pointy top (the one that accepts a 2-inch Rohn mast with a little
slop)?  I need to fabricate a step to enable me to stand at that level, and
need to know what size U-bolt to use.


I am looking at the Rohn cat and all the top sections have different

The 25AG is 2" OD 8 1/2" past the legs
The 25AGI is 1.66" OD 12" past the legs
The 25AG2 is 2 1/4" OD 18" past the legs
The 25AG3 is 2 1/4" OD 12" past the legs
The 25AG4 is a flat top.......
the 25AG5's tube does not extend past the legs


Better yet invest in a Rohn Bible....heah as Towertalk moderator I woulda
thunk that was mandatory equipment!


Jim, K4OJ

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