[TowerTalk] Space between dipoles

Carlos - PT2HO pt2ho@contesting.com
Fri, 06 Nov 1998 11:23:09 -0300

Dear friends,

I asked that before but I would like to receive more comments about this

Well, If I have to install two dipoles on a mast of 32ft, one for 80 and
the other one for 40 what should be the distance between them in order to
achieve the minimum interaction between them?? What should be the antenna
on top, the 80m ant or the 40 meters.

I cannot install them in a 90 degrees setup because it is small building
and there is no room for that....

Any comments and advices?

Thanks in advance and 73,

PT2HO (also PY1CAS)
E-mail: pt2ho@contesting.com

ps. The building has a roof of 115ft x 35 ft.....As you see it is a very
small city lot! The 80m antenna will have one leg bend at 43ft!

ps2. Guys from the Ham-Ant mailing list, please send your replies directly
to me with a Carbon Copy (if you wish) back to the list.

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