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Jim Heath jimheath@foothill.net
Fri, 6 Nov 1998 06:16:08 -0800

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Rebar & Concrete

>Hi guys,
>I am getting ready to pour concrete for my Rohn 45 towers bases and guy
>anchors and wondered about the necessity of keeping the rebar away from
>the dirt?  (Towers to be 100' and 130').

Yes, unless you want the rebars to rust away!  You can use pieces of
concrete blocks.
>I can't find Dobie blocks or anything else that will allow me to elevate
>the rebar.

You can use pieces of concrete blocks.

>I understand that the rebar will rust but I find it hard to believe that
>the structural integrity of the rebar and the concrete "load" will be
>compromised so severely if the rebar is dug into the dirt a few inches.

I've seen rebar rust in old foundation walls.

>Wouldn't this allow for stronger concrete support by maintaining its
>shape since the concrete will not be poured but rather dumped in by a
>backhoe? (necessary in my case since a concrete truck can't access the
>holes).  Also, how much rebar is necessary in the holes?  Is it really
>that important to form a "cage" with rebar and wire?
>(Incidentally, my soil is a crappy clay/rock mixture)

I had one of mine pumped into the hole.  It worked great and was not

73, Jim Heath KB6SX

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