[TowerTalk] Rebar Rust

Larry Burke lburke@wt.net
Fri, 06 Nov 1998 09:37:22 -0600

Barry asks

"Can someone explain to me why the rebar WITHIN the concrete doesn't 
rust? Concrete always retains moisutre and absords it from surrounding 
soil, doesn't it?
Rust is oxidation. Being underground, whether in concrete or soil, 
doesn't the minimal oxygen content under ground  retard the rust 


I'd like to add...

all the concern about the rebar being kept away from the dirt/water yet the
Rohn drawings show the bottom of the tower legs should drop below the
concrete, into the sand and gravel drainage bed, where they are presumably
exposed to water most of the time. Won't this rust propagate up the tower
legs? Granted they are galvanized and rebar isn't. I'd keep the rebar away
from the dirt anyway, but often wondered about the tower legs 

Larry WI5A

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