[TowerTalk] Pouring a base in cold weather.

DavidC davidc@bit-net.com
Fri, 6 Nov 1998 10:54:24 -0500

> I it possible to pour a base after the temp starts to drop below 
> freezing every night ?  I can either try and pour in December or I'd 
> have to wait till June or July.  The area I want to use is very wet in 
> the spring and I'd have problems with the cement truck unless I wait 
> till Summer.  Or could I shoot for late winter early spring, when the 
> ground is still frozen,  Maybe Feb/March ?
> Any ideas would be great
> 73's
> Jim Apple - WB1DOG
> Pascoag RI

Dig the hole, pack it with straw, and cover it with boards.  It will be
easy to open once the ground has frozen.  Call your concrete supplier and
ask about temperature limitations, they are local so they will know.  New
buildings are now going up year-round.  Don't know how they are getting
around the old limitations on temperature and curing times but it seems
that they are!  :-)
73, DavidC  AA1FA

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