[TowerTalk] Re:stainless steel guys

Kurt Andress ni6w@yagistress.minden.nv.us
Fri, 06 Nov 1998 22:04:49 -0800

Jim wrote:

> I just thought of something on the stainless steel guys. If we use
> the old galvanized thimble eyes or metal grommets (not sure what the
> correct term is) that go at each end of the guy to keep it from
> getting bent into too tight of a loop at the anchoring point, could
> the galvanized material and stainless material cause dissimiliar
> metal problems such as copper and aluminum do?
> Jim

Hi Jim,

I wish everyone went down to the library and got a copy of the Galvanic
This was discussed at length in a post earlier this year.

Yes, there is a potential problem. It will be difficult to determine how
bad it can be until the nature of the stainless material is known (either
passive or active).

Regardless of the type, both are far enough away from the zinc (used to
make something galvanized) to have enough potential to experience
galvanic corrosion.

So, the answer is to go get some stainless thimbles to use with the
stainless wire rope. Both the stainless rope and the thimble need to be
either both active or both passive to eliminate the problem. If one is
active and the other is passive, you end up just about as bad off as if
you had used the galvanized thimbles.

Sorry the answer is not simpler. Not my fault!
Somebody else designed the world we live in.

73, Kurt

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