[TowerTalk] Listing of SS hdwr sources and THANK YOU

Kurt Andress ni6w@yagistress.minden.nv.us
Fri, 06 Nov 1998 23:02:28 -0800

DavisRFinc@aol.com wrote:

> Hi Folks,  Thanks for the excellent response.  Hopefully this list will help
> others and I have sent it along to the customer who was looking. Tnx again,
> Steve Davis, K1PEK   DAVIS RF Co. :

Hi Steve,

Thanks for putting up the respones to your inquiry.
I've been checking some of them out. I wanted to know how I was doing on
with my local industrial supply house.

I pay about 20% of the listed prices on the Barnhill site for many

This is all just to say that the SS hardware buyers on TT should not
the local industrial supply houses. They may appear to be overpriced on
items. Just let them know that those prices are outrageous, and you can
get the
stuff for $X.XX/ per 100 (or 50) or whatever.
You may be surprised what they can do.

73, Kurt

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