[TowerTalk] Force 12 Balums

Tom Osborne w7why@mail.coos.or.us
Sat, 07 Nov 1998 17:04:27 -0800

Dave_K9NX wrote:
> Larry
> 8 to 10 turns of coax 10" in diameter works fine, lasts long >time.......... delivery time is usually overnight from thousands of s>ources the cost is less than $5
> In 20 years of using "coax coil chokes" I've never had one fail......
> coaxiseal not included.
> Dave
> K9NX

Hi Dave et al:

This may sound like a stupid question, but how do we know a coil
balun works fine.  How can you check to see if it is working?  If
I put one on my antenna, what will it do different than if I
hooked it up direct without a coil balun?  Thanks and 73

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