[TowerTalk] Colatchco Vertical

N8UM n8umjohn@usit.net
Sat, 7 Nov 1998 17:40:17 -0500

>I need an antenna for 40-160.  I have been looking for a Hytower or Voyager
>to get me thru this winter. I am on a densely wooded, very steep mountain
>side completing construction on a new house and have no time to get
>involved in a major project.

I am also on a steep ridge, approximately 60 feet down from the top.  Lots
of 60-90 foot oaks and poplars.  I have a hytower and have used two
different W1CF/Colatchco verticals with great success in an 80 meter 4
square and as a single 160 meter vertical.   The secret is 37,000 feet of
radials on the ground in the woods...

John  N8UM  Oak Ridge, TN

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