[TowerTalk] receiving loop

PT2HO - Carlos pt2ho@contesting.com
Mon, 9 Nov 1998 02:03:00 -0200

Dear friends,

Today I found out something very strange....I can listen  the dx better on
80m with my vertical antenna (for 10, 15 and 20m) than with my 80m
dipole....W8GF was well copied today with the vertical but I could not
understand him at all using the dipole.Well, it looks I need a good
receiving antenna, right?? But living in a building it is difficult to
install ewe's or beverages due to a lack of room and ground! 

The Antenna Book has a receiving loop article for 1.8mhz. I don't think it
is well detailed! I would like to receive some commets about this kind of
receiving loop, also how to buid mine...formulas, schemes, books etc...

73 and thank you again guys,

PT2HO (also PY1CAS)

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