[TowerTalk] Power x RG58

CQK8DO@aol.com CQK8DO@aol.com
Mon, 9 Nov 1998 08:29:28 EST

Ummm, a few years ago in the heat of battle a three foot long RG58 jumper got
tossed into the space between the 3K Ultra/Bird and and the antenna switcher
on the 160 meter run station...  later in the evening I went to remove the
Bird from the run station and found the cable to be hot to the touch.... That
instantly caused the removal and sequestration of all RG58 jumpers from the
station...  I later disassembled the connectors on the hot cable and examined
it for defects or errors in assembly... There were no problems that I could
Now, I understand that the 3 foot length of cable was only dissipating a few
watts at most, but that's too much... Lengthen the cable and you lose even
more.... RG58 will 'handle' a contest amp at 1500W, but it is not efficient or
 If smaller cable is necessary, then choose Mini 8 or the like...  


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