Peter J. F. Shaw k4ldr@sunco.com
Mon, 9 Nov 1998 12:23:59 -0500

Re: using someone else's land for amateur radio antennas (or anything
else) without the land owner's permission.

My conjecture is that all that funny stuff is not over just yet.   I
hope so, but......
          ya just never know.
 I agree with a previous related post that factual trespassing is bad
news and there certainly can be long term effects.  And indeed, you
should consider yourself pretty darned lucky at this point.   How
would you feel if someone frequently parked their 18 wheel tractor
trailer on vacant property you owned - that you didn't check on
regularly.  Would it tick you off?  Would it matter if the truck owner
said "well, no one lived on the lot so I thought it would be OK".
Think about it.  Just because the land is owned by a school board
doesn't make it public access.  Perhaps permission before using was
the sensible approach.

I am a land owner and deal with trespassers frequently.  More
frequently than I want to.  Some of the most innocent and silly
trespassing incidents bordered on being a very dangerous and harmful
situation.  Now, I never challenge a trespasser without an HT for
radio contact back to ham-licensed bride who is near the phone for 911
help,  without hardware in my truck, binoculars, a camera,  and with
great caution and wariness.  There are a bunch of hot heads out there.

My feeling is "I leave your stuff alone, so leave my stuff alone".  So
many are ignorant to that general approach to life.  I have found that
many people totally misconstrue certain so-called rights.  They seem
to have a different definition of "rights", when it comes to

73, Pete  K4LDR Citrus County, FL

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