[TowerTalk] Ameritron Remote Controlled Switches

Steve Gehring, KL7DC gehring@alaska.net
Mon, 09 Nov 1998 23:34:20 -0800

Hi Tom and Ian,

Thank you for the information on the N vs. UHF series.  Ian and you
diminished my respect for the N connector quite a bit.  These points are
well taken.  I realize the center pins and their connections are fragile,
but my expertise at properly building the clamped and crimped N is far
better than that of the UHF series.  I also diligently check N plugs and
sockets for out of place pins or bent tines, replacing them when suspect.
My PL-259 building has progressed over the last 15 years, but I'm never
quite satisfied with the results, even after using silver/Teflon connectors
and pre-soldering the braid before screwing on the PL-259.  

Now, letís go to legal limit levels, and below.  This is where I reside.
I've run 1 to 2 KW (intermittent SSB and data) into N's without incident at
HF freqs in the federal and industrial arenas for over 15 years.  So, with
my diligence in connector assembly and inspection, what are the chances of
running into problems if I continue to use N's at legal limit and below?
Have I been taking chances at HF?  What are the safe power levels for these
N's at VHF and UHF?  

Besides the UHF connector, is there another alternative to the N that is
about the same size, but better at power handling, ease of installation,
and ruggedness?  For example, use of the C or HN series?

Here's perplexing question.  Why is the N rated for 1500V and the BNC rated
for 500V, with their dielectrics of air/TFE and TFE respectively (excluding
mating junctions)?  Could it be center pin size again?  Could the designers
have limited the current capacity through the voltage rating, referenced to
50 ohms with the BNC?  Where are those engineers from Amphenol or Kings? 

Wanting to stay away from clunky, labor intensive UHF connectors...

73 from Steve, KL7DC

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