[TowerTalk] aiming a rotor: true vs. magnetic

zeitler@ibm.net zeitler@ibm.net
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 07:38:53 -0800

Esteemed Reflectees,
I should remember this being an old Navy TACAN tech but........

When aiming my rotor, I have my magnetic compass sitting right under the
boom of my quad. Actually lying flat on the roof with the tower retracted so
I can manually point the beam. I visually line up the boom with the compass.
Okay so far. In order to aim the beam at "true" north I would actually want
it pointing at 012 degrees if I have a magnetic correction of 12 degrees,
right? of course the rotor also needs to be sitting at 12.


Lane Zeitler
IFF and TACAN tech

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