[TowerTalk] KT34A

Ron Youvan ka4inm@gate.net
Wed, 11 Nov 98 13:11:36 PST

Hi all:
I said:
> You should replace the antenna
>  to tower jumper (10 feet long)
>  every year.
>  (The piece that winds es unwinds.)

Steve   K7LXC said:
        Why would you need to do that?
 Re: by winding es unwinding the jacket
gets a workout, eventully water will start
entering cracks, degrading the inner surface
of the shield es intering the foam if used
(a good reason NOT to use foam cable here)
and increasing the attinuation of this cable.
 This makes an antenna problem (read: loose
clamps on the ends of the straps) here, harder
to detect.
  You can reuse the connectors (once you learn how)
so it only costs you 10' of RG8-U (or RG-213/214-U)
to remove this `weak point' from the most
important part of the H.F. station.  This should
be done at the annual tower/antenna inspection
p.s. any water that has entered into these connectors
will also befound and removed.

     73  de Ron ka4inm@qsl.net    Best Regards
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