[TowerTalk] FM Transmitter

Wes Attaway wes@attawayinterests.com
Wed, 11 Nov 1998 10:31:11 -0600

I am looking for a "decent" FM transmitter kit ..... something with
reasonable range (a few hundred feet) and that is fairly stable
frequency-wise.  Some of the little kits I have seen are hard to tune to a
precise frequency and then they tend to drift off.  I want to be able to
retransmit the audio input on the regular FM broadcast band so I can use a
portable AM/FM radio to do some antenna and noise testing.  I could use a
couple of HTs, but since I need to switch to AM from time to time, being
able to use a regular AM/FM portable radio is more convenient.  If anyone
has any experience with these little FM TX kits, please respond direct
rather than on the list.

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