[TowerTalk] Distance between A4S and A3WS?

John Cramond john@gm4nhi.demon.co.uk
Wed, 11 Nov 1998 16:51:53 +0000

In message <3649568C.CD461505@olympus-software.com>, Carsten Esch
<carsten.esch@olympus-software.com> writes
>anybody out there with a A4S and the A3WS WARC beam? What would be the
>minimum vertical distance between these two antennas on one tower?
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I can't give you specific spacing for the A4S/A3WS but I can give you
suggested spacing for the X7/A3WS+A103. In a recent review in RadCom
with the A3WS mounted 12 feet above the X7 there was very little
interaction between the beams. At 4 foot spacing there was considerable
interaction with the X7 on 28MHz but little if any change on 14 and
21MHz. For mechanical strength, a good compromise spacing seemed to be
about 8 feet with little effect on either beam. I would suggest that
this would be the spacing to aim for if at all possible with your set up
and 6 feet as a minimum.
John Cramond - GM4NHI

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