[TowerTalk] Recurring Threads

Peter J. F. Shaw k4ldr@sunco.com
Wed, 11 Nov 1998 12:08:48 -0500

Greetings Tower Talkians:

I have gleaned much from the "repeat" and "everlasting" threads.  Let
them keep coming.

Comment on the true/magnetic North dilemma......I agree with a couple
of  recent previous posts saying that, in effect,  the magnetic
declination adjustment for a beam isn't of utmost impact.  Years ago,
I calculated what a 5 degree declination arc error would be at 1,500,
3,000, and 6,000 statute miles.  I don't remember the specific
numbers, but I concluded that my beam aligned to magnetic North then
pointed to a DX prefix heading referenced to true North still covered
what I intended it to cover.  I also concluded that I really didn't
know where the waves were actually going and moved on.

73  Pete K4LDR  Citrus County, FL

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