[TowerTalk] True North and Recurring threads

LYN designserv@ipass.net
Wed, 11 Nov 1998 13:34:11 -0500

K7LXC@aol.com wrote:

>  Other popular recurring topics:
> Where do I send my Alliance/Hy-Gain/etc. rotator for repair?
> What kind of mast should I use?
> Should I put anti-oxidant on my elements?
> What kind of antenna should I buy?
> My antenna quit working/has high SWR/etc., what's wrong with
> Where I can get a manual for my Mosley/Hy-Gain/etc.?
>      Any other favorites out there?

Don't forget concrete/rebar, use of pl-259 at higher frequencies,

grounds, antenna analyzers, where to get stainless parts,
whether stainless will rust, antenna calculations with EZNEC,

As hams (elmers) we need to be ready to repeat lessons anytime
they are needed.

Lyn, W4WDN

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