[TowerTalk] beam aimer pgm on the web?

Steve Zettel zettel@homer.libby.org
Thu, 12 Nov 1998 08:23:09 -0700

>Is there a web page that has the "bean aimer" program available?? I have
>several reasons for wanting to know what the bearing of Erie, PA is from my
>San Diego QTH.

>Lane Zeitler
>San Diego
>John 3:3 <><


A quick search at Excite.com for "bean aimer" turned up the following:

59% Universal Laser Aimer by WSTECH  - Universal Laser Aimer - WST-04 Universal Laser Aimer-Complete Unit Universal Laser Aimer -Complete
Unit Universal Laser Aimer is fully self-contained withlens optics, laser diode, driver circuit, and anodized aluminum as heat sink. 
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55% (Colonel Bailey BEAN - Enoch BEAN )  - Index of Persons: Colonel Bailey BEAN - Enoch BEAN 8844 individuals, 2818 families 
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54% Bean Genes Homepage  - The BeanGenes Database Links to Other Phaseolus / Vigna Sites Bean Production Information Florida Agricultural Information Retrieval System
Bean Information Other Genome Database Links For more information, contact the curator E-mail:Phil McClean 
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54% Vivre et aimer  - VIVRE ET AIMER Une expérience de vie pour les couples qui veulent enrichir leur amour. VIVRE ET AIMER vous offre l&'occasion de prendre du temps à
deux pour faire le point sur votre vie et votre amour de couple, en tête-à-tête, loin de toute distraction. 
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(This last reference sounds pretty intriguing. . .)

Hope this helps,

Steve Zettel  KJ7CH
near Libby, MT USA   "Please don't aim those beans at ME -- they might go off!" 

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