[TowerTalk] True North and all that stuff

Roy Maull rmaull@access.mountain.net
Thu, 12 Nov 1998 19:17:29 +0000

	Well, I haven't put anything on the reflector since the "bugs".  So, here
goes something.

	Declination is the angle of a heavenly body with the earths horizon
	Variation is the offset of magnetic north to true north a some location
	Deviation is the amount of correction persuant to a particular compass at
different points around the compass dial, it is not necessarily the same
all the way around.

	So there, I have stuck my neck out again.. HI...
	Hurrah for recurring threads and all the various permutations there of!!!!!

     73.. Roy  N8YYS
  Keep West Virginia beautiful.. Grow ALUMINUM!!

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