[TowerTalk] True North thread

Jim Marciniak n1rui@together.net
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Well, I can contribute this - "Declination" is used, among other things, by
astronomers, who use a system like Latitude and Longitude to define
positions in the sky.

Instead of Latitude and Longitude, we use Right Ascension (RA in Hours,
Minutes, Seconds) and Declination (DEC in Degrees, Minutes, Seconds).

I was waiting for someone else to 'splain it. Since no-one else did-you can
laugh at ME!


- Jim
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>Hmmm... I used declination too. My limited knowledge of it all comes from
>wandering the world in the pointed end of jets. Wonder if some terms are
>specific to different industries?
>In aviation, the angular difference between magnetic and true north is
>usually called variation but declination is heard too. The error that
>be compensated out of a magnetic compass is called deviation and may be
>different on various headings. Deviation is specific to one compass
>installation and there is a deviation card attached to the compass.
>True Virgins Make Dull Companions.
>True course +/- Variation = Magnetic course +/- Deviation = Compass course.
>Compass course is the one you actually fly.
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