[TowerTalk] True north and recurring threads

Dick Flanagan dick@libelle.com
Thu, 12 Nov 1998 21:12:32 -0800

>In a message dated 98-11-11 07:38:33 EST, kn6di@groupone.net writes:
>> I thought this subject was TABOO on this reflector, as it was beaten to
>>  death several months ago. If I remember Steve said NO MORE T--- N----.
>    That was a "year" ago or more. Well, it was the historic first "Thread
>That Wouldn't Die". Kind of humorous when you look back on it. Nonetheless,
>there are lots of new TowerTalkians who want to know the answer(s) to this
>question as well as others. There's always a new group subscribing and that's
>why you see a lot of the same question(s) being asked. If you don't know the
>answer - it's news to you. Other popular recurring topics:
>Where do I send my Alliance/Hy-Gain/etc. rotator for repair?
>What kind of mast should I use?
>Should I put anti-oxidant on my elements?
>What kind of antenna should I buy?
>My antenna quit working/has high SWR/etc., what's wrong with it?
>Where I can get a manual for my Mosley/Hy-Gain/etc.?
>     Any other favorites out there?

For the record, I am NOT volunteering to put together a TT FAQ, but it sure
sounds like someone should!

73, Dick

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