[TowerTalk] North with a watch

Ted Leaf tleaf@hotmail.com
Fri, 13 Nov 1998 02:02:30 PST

So Kurt finds all this north stuff interesting, so here we go again.

Casting a shadow between sun up and sun down, is approximately at noon.  
This reminds me what I learned as a Boy Scout if you are lost without a 

Lay your watch on the ground. Take a straw and angle it away from the 
sun at the same angle as your latitude.  If you don't know your 
latitude, 40 degrees is good.  Cast the shadow across the hour hand from 
the hour that it is.  North is the direction from the center of the 
watch through 6 o'clock.

So at 12 noon, the shadow will fall across the hour hand from 12 to 6.

This is the principle of the sundial, only in reverse.

Of course the accuracy is not the greatest.

73, Aloha
Ted Leaf, K6HI
Kona, Hawaii

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