[TowerTalk] Antenna Question...Again

Dick Merryman dicko@wormhole.com
Fri, 13 Nov 1998 18:40:27 -0500

FWIW: I am using a C4 (which is a C3 w/40M dipole added) at only 25' and it
is absolutely gangbusters.  I've WAC on 10M in the last week and signals
consistently run 6-7 S units higher than my R-7000 or G5RV.

Go with the C3 at any height  You'll love it.



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><< In other words....how does a C3 play at 40 vs 60 feet?  Anyone have any
> practical experience? >>
>      Well, you might want to read our tribander comparison report. It
>compares all the antennas under test (including the C3, TA33 and five
>at 50 feet. It's 60 pages of test data, protocol and analysis and is only
>fifteen bucks from Champion Radio Products (www.championradio.com or
>     To specifically answer your question - it'll play great! Higher is
>generally better but you'll have a ball with it at any height.
>Cheers,    Steve    K7LXC
>Champion Radio Products
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