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Dick Green Dick Green" <dick.green@valley.net
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Please summarize the replies you get on this. I'm interested in doing
exactly the same thing -- replacing 260 feet of LMR400 with LMR900. Another
reason I may need to use the LMR600 instead of (used) hardline is that I've
got two 16" diameter 90 degree sweeps in my 4" buried conduit. I could have
real problems trying to pull 7/8" hardline through that, but the LMR900 has
nearly the same loss factors with a much smaller bend radius. Sounds like
the ticket, but boy is that stuff expensive!

73, Dick, WC1M

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Date: Saturday, November 14, 1998 8:10 PM
Subject: [TowerTalk] LMR 900 Question

>I want to get more of my xmt signal out to the antenna field,  and
>have been thinking about replacing my run of LMR 400 with
>LMR 900 -- it is a lot more expensive than what the 400
>cost,  but also is a lot lower loss.  At $3.76 per foot for
>around 165 feet run,  is this the best way for me to pick
>up10% more xmit signal on 20M,  and 12% more on 15M??
>These are the efficiency increases over LMR 400 per the
>Times Microwave web site cable calculator,  see:
>    http://www.timesmicrowave.com/cgi-bin/calculate
>LMR1200 would pick up only 2% more eff.  over the 900,
>and is much more costly!!  And how about LMR1700
>at over $7 per foot!
>LMR 900 is 0.87 inch diameter;  LMR1200,  1.2"
>Show my ignorance about these some more:  are these
>considered "hard line"  or just lower loss coax??
>Thanks for any comments,
>73,  Jim,  KH7M
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