[TowerTalk] LMR 900 Question

Dave_K9NX n7ex@athenet.net
Mon, 16 Nov 1998 12:20:36 +0000

At 08:59 PM 11/15/98 -0800, Jim Berry wrote:
>Hello TowerTalk Dudes,
>I'm confused.  What is LMR 400 and 900?  Is that 75 ohm stuff used by the
>cable TV industry?

The LMR series of coax is a low loss version of 50 Ohm coax. It comes in a
variety of sizes. The larger sizes as you might expect all take special
connectors as it is all non standard diameters. It is produced by Times
Microwave (and others?) and distributed by The Wireman (and others I'm sure).
The larger varieties have a copper clad aluminum ceneter conductor, and a
doubled shielded outer of tinned braid plus foil, and UV jacket. Also comes
in a special direct Burial version for a few $$ more. I think (but am not
sure ) that the number is roughly equivalent to the outside diameter of ,
i.e LMR600 is about .6 inch in diameter .


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