[TowerTalk] Used TRI-EX Tower

Jonathan Kaplan jonk@jskent.com
Mon, 16 Nov 1998 19:56:10 -0800

Hi all,
	I have the opportunity to pick up a TRI-EX 40' tower that is about
16 years old. It has no name plate, so I can't tell which model it is.
It is a two-section hand crank-up, the bottom section is about 6-9"
on a side and it has a base plate about 2'x2'. 
1) Does anyone know the model # of this tower?
2) Is it possible to add a section and make it a 60' tower?
3) The cable is brown with rust:Is it advisable to replace it?
4) Any ideas of the antenna area rating of this tower?
5) The structure looks good, but covered with the dull aluminum oxide.
	I'm inclined not strip or paint it, but is that wise given my QTH near
	the ocean?

TNX for the Help es 73

Jonathan KO6XS

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