[TowerTalk] Alumna Crankup Towers

Bill Hord bhord@bsc.net
Tue, 17 Nov 1998 20:56:08 -0600

Jon, W4ZW, asks about Aluma Tower (no "n" in the name.)
Their URL is www.alumatower.com
I have used one for about 20 years. Small tornado took it down a few years
ago.  The bottom ten feet was destroyed.  I sawed it off, now use it with
house bracket and slacked guys.  Has survived four hurricanes. I don't crank
up or down, fixed the bottom two sections together and run a small tribander
at about 35 feet.  I've about wrung out all the DX I need from it. Hi.
73,  Bill, W4WIJ
Santa Rosa Island,  NW Florida

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