[TowerTalk] Plastic housing box for outdoor use?

Barry Kutner w2up@mindspring.com
Wed, 18 Nov 1998 16:55:25 +0000

On 18 Nov 98, Paul Ferguson <Paul.Ferguson@pobox.com> wrote:

> I am looking for a source for a plastic box to use near the base of my tower 
> to house a coax switch box, rotor cable protection, and a few other small 
> pieces of gear. The box size needs to be about 20" x 10" by 10" deep. The 
> purpose of the box is to keep water away from the gear.
> Four years ago, I used a Rubbermaid brand plastic storage box to do the job. 
> I mounted it on the inside of my tower (HDBX-48) about 2 feet above the 
> tower base. The box is mounted upside down and used without the top. The 
> cables go in and out of the open bottom of the box. This worked fine to keep 
> rain away from the components inside. Now I find that the sun's UV rays 
> have taken a toll, and the box is crumbling. This plastic box was obviously  
> not meant for outdoor use. 
> I am now looking to replace the box and would like to find a source for an 
> economical one that can take the UV. Choices I have thought of are to use 
> the same type of box and protect the outside or get one built to take the UV. 
> I do not want to paint it. I thought about putting Scotch 33 tape over the 
> outside of the box, but there is probably a better method.
> Any suggestions?
> 73, K5ESW
Home Depot has a good supply of boxes in their electrical dept. The 
plastic ones cost more, so you might want to take a look at the metal 
ones rated for outdoor use.
73 Barry
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