[TowerTalk] Spark gap for insulators

Stephanie virago@ptd.net
Wed, 18 Nov 1998 23:16:40 -0500

Im in the midst of finalizing a 60 foot rohn 25g tower installation
here. I have the tower guyed at 50 feet using Phillstran and decided to
guy it at the 30 foot level. One set of guys is anchored to the house
and the other two anchored to GAR30s cemented into the ground. I decided
to use the last bit of Phillstran for the 30 foot level guy wire to the
house. The other two 30 foot level guys I wanted to use steel with the
idea that these could supplement the lightning protection for the house.
Adding another path for lightning to follow away from the house seemed
like a good idea. The tower will be properly bonded to ground rods with
copper strap and copper strap radials buried in the ground. All cables
will be bonded to the top and bottom of the tower with coax arrestors
mounted on the entry panel on the wall. Pretty ambitious eh ? Actually
Im a real chicken when it comes to lightning. I witnessed the result of
a direct lighning strike to the house I grew up in. It is something Ill
never forget as long as I live !! With all these precautionary measures,
I still hide underneath the covers during a t-storm.:-)

I wanted to break the guys up using an egg insulator and I understand
that there is some kind of arc gap arrestor that I could put across the
insulator. Any ideas where I can get this ???????



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