[TowerTalk] Ring Rotor problem ?

CQK8DO@aol.com CQK8DO@aol.com
Thu, 19 Nov 1998 08:55:32 EST

I just replaced the motor (not the whole drive box) on a small Tic Ring...
It's a hundred bucks...  The worm drive on the end of the motor shaft turns a
nylon ring gear, which developed stripped teeth....  The factory claims it
never had a failure of the nylon gear and didn't know what to say... I've got
two other units on the bench with the same problem...  I bought a replacement
from the factory to get going in a hurry, but I have a machine shop making
replacements out of oilite bronze for the nylon ring gear for me for the other
two units....

If your unit is not stopping it is not the motor at fault.. It is most likely
the 10 turn potentiometer is slipping or otherwise not turning, which causes
the control box to keep calling for more rotation... Take the drive box down
again and rig it up on the bench and run it until you discover the problem...
There is no mechanical rotation stop, although it would not be difficult to
add one... However, running the ring into a stop on a regular basis will
likely strip the teeth on the ring gear... You would be better off with limit

Welcome to Ring World....  Denny

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