[TowerTalk] Ground clamps on 25G

Jim Smith jimsmith@ns.net
Thu, 19 Nov 1998 10:55:41 -0800

    Hi Bob,
bronze ground clamps are made specifically for attaching to copper, or
galvanized steel without corroding, and are U.L. listed for that purpose.
I've never seen any evidence of corrosion in any of the applications I've
seen, even very old ones. It wouldn't harm anything to use an oxidation
inhibitor if you have doubts. I use Noalox, made by Ideal.
Jim Smith

>Hi Gang,
>I'm planning to use bronze ground clamps to attach #4 copper wires for
>grounding to my 25G tower.  The wires will not be in direct contact with
>tower as it attaches separately to the clamps.
>SInce the tower is galvanized is the use of a bronze transition adequate or
>should I use some sort of anti-ox compound between the bronze clamp and the
>galvanized tower leg ?  If so, any suggestions as to specific anti-ox
>compound ?
>Bob  N6RFM (/1)

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