[TowerTalk] Re: linear loading

force12@interserv.com force12@interserv.com
Thu, 19 Nov 1998 15:21:17 -0800 (PST)

Good afternoon.

A comment was passed along on this reflector about my using 900 computer runs 
for the basic Force 12 line. This is not quite right.

The original open sleeve antenna design that began the Force 12 line was done 
with more than 5,000 (would have preferred 900) manual inputs (1990-1991). At 
least, that is the number I actually printed in hard copy. This antenna is what 
is now called the N1012X for 10 and 12 mtrs (24' boom). The elements on the 
original were not riveted, however, I welded them. I figured that after all the 
computer work and the test sleeves, I either knew what I was doing or I didn't! 
The antenna is still up and working in Northern California on a very windy 

Models are fine, but some where along the way, they need to be reduced to 
physical stuff.

Always open for ideas, suggestions and observations (usually called anecdotal"). 
Eventually, things most often make sense.

Have a good weekend...........off to 6Y2A for the CQWW CW.

Have a great day & 73,
                Tom Schiller, N6BT
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