[TowerTalk] Sloper Question

Fredrick R. Gern k2fr@juno.com
Thu, 19 Nov 1998 19:00:25 EST

Seems this is a good place to ask tough questions:
Moved and reinstalled my tower.  It is Rohn 45. On top
is a Force 12 C3 (works great, but can't get 12 & 17 down w/tuner). 
That's not the main problem. I also installed a used (very little) Alpha
Delta DX-A sloper antenna. 

At the old qth I had a TH7 on top and a homemade 80/40 sloper about 3 ft.
below it. Worked very well.  Now the new sloper is about 3 ft below the
and it only resonates on 160.  There are NO guy wires or nearby metal
The tower is grounded by a rod about 10 in the earth.  The swr on 40 and
is flat across the band AND I have a serious problem getting a match with
a Murch tuner. Basically it will not match any better than w/o the tuner.

Local guys are stumped.  Ideas I have are bad coax connector at antenna.
Or, with no balun or coax coil the antenna may be coupling to the tower. 
coax comes down the tower to a RCS-8V remote switch.

Any ideas?  I can't climb the tower because of physical limitations and
 want to impose on friends too often!

Fred, K2FR

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