[TowerTalk] XM240 and tribander question

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Hi Bud et al,
An intersting in regards to the X-7 (should also apply to the X-9) is that
the beam seems to act like a rotary dipole or better on 17 meters. The San
Diego Ham Radio Outlet store has an X-7 at 55 feet and a yaesu rotor hooked
up to it. I of course checked it on 20-15- 10 but I love 17 meters and
checked it there too. It works exceptionally well there. Seems to have some
significant front to side attenuation. Did not seem to be any front to back
but tons of front to side.

Lane Zeitler
San Diego
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>In a message dated 98-11-22 19:03:11 EST, k4isv@westky.com writes:
>> The question is what tribander?? I used a TH-7dx for years and loved
>>  also think the new Cushcraft X-9 looks like a real winner... I would be
>>  very interested in any comments.  Although I am using several KLM
>>  at the home QTH I have decided against the KT34XA-- just too many
>>  mechanical connections... WARC is not important since no contests...
>Hi, Bud --
>       An interesting read for you would be the N0AX and K7LXC tribander
>comparison report. We tested 7 different tribanders on-the-air and
>the results. The report is 60 pages of protocol, data sets and summaries.
>$15.00 from Champion Radio Products (www.championradio.com or
>      We're planning on a second edition coming out this spring; I've
>got an X-9 in the garage waiting to be tested.
>Cheers,  Steve   K7LXC
>Champion Radio Products
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