[TowerTalk] Ground strap

Jim Heath jimheath@foothill.net
Mon, 23 Nov 1998 18:14:11 -0800

Hi Jim,

We at High Sierra Antennas, where you purchased your HS-1500 mobile antenna,
have a 500+ conductor cable that is round.  The conductors are like the
strands in a rope.  The wires are tinned and every four inches there is an
eyelet with a 1/4 hole.

With braided strap on my new Ford Explorer, I had some trouble getting a low
SWR on ten meters.  Using the cable I described above, the SWR was less than
1.5:1.  That grounding cable did the trick.

Keeping the length of that grounding cable short is important.  I used less
than one foot.  If you would like some for your new antenna please give me a
call.  I'll send it at no charge!

73, Jim
High Sierra Antennas

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