[TowerTalk] N4KG's Reversed fed antenna and stuff.

Charles R Constantine kr6c@juno.com
Tue, 24 Nov 1998 11:56:32 PDT

Hi All,
I came across an article about n4kg's reversed fed antenna.

I was wondering if anyone has tried this on a short tower system?

I have a 33' crankup with a 15' mast, a C4SXL at 43' and a homemade 3el
beam on a 10' boom at 40'.

I have tried Shunt feeding the tower with a gamma at 33' spaced 48" from
tower for 160M and
another gamma arm on other side of tower at 20' spaced 36" for 80meters. 
The problem is
I only have 35 feet to the west to lay radials and currently im below 2:1
from 3500-3800 and 1800-1900
which means I have created a new dummy load which will keep the frost off
the grass this winter hi hi!

I was thinking of trying this reversed fed antenna by putting the radials
about 10' up the tower and seeing
if it will work on 80 then try and force feed it thru a tuner on 160. Max
coax run would be 40', I could also 
run 450 ladderline to it if necessary.

Is there any reason why the shield has to be connected to the tower as
opposed to the radials?

How would you calculate the effective length of the antenna top loading? 
Which antenna sets the top load height
the C4 at 43' just due to size or the warc beam at 40?  Do isolated boom
to element mounts affect the loading?

Any thoughts??

73 Chuck KR6C 

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