[TowerTalk] Who bought Tristao Towers

James Sawyer wa6znm@jps.net
Tue, 24 Nov 1998 21:00:08 -0800

Yes,  US Tower purchased Tristao.  I think the CZ 454 is US Towers 54
crank up.


At 09:03 AM 11/24/98 -0500, Rick Mintz wrote: 


<excerpt> <bigger>Hi. </bigger> <bigger>Am trying to find a part for an
old Tristao  CZ-454 Tower. Need the pulley roller the cable loops
over.</bigger>  <bigger>Tristao was purchased some years ago by someone,
maybe U.S.  Towers? Anyone know?</bigger>  <bigger>Thanks.</bigger> 

<bigger>Rick, W1TY</bigger>  


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