[TowerTalk] More TIC Trouble...

Wed, 25 Nov 1998 08:45:25 EST

So, you have the Tic ring blues... Well, welcome to the crowd....  
The DC motor has an attached right angle gear box with a worm gear on the end
of the motor shaft and a ring gear that it drives... Very likely you have
chewed the teeth off of the nylon ring gear...  If you rock the beam you may
be able to get the worm reengaged on good teeth and get it parked towards EU
for the contest....
The replacement motor costs $114 plus shipping...  The factory will express
amazement and tell you that they have never heard of this before... Well,
that's what they told me and when I mentioned the other two motors on my work
bench with exactly the same problem the conversation ground to a halt,
matching the Tic Rings...

I am having a local machine shop make some ring gears out of bronze so I can
repair the other wise good dc motors...


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