[TowerTalk] dumb dipole mounting question

AA4NC@aol.com AA4NC@aol.com
Sun, 11 Oct 1998 18:16:26 EDT

I have a basic question about mounting dipoles (or inverted vees) on towers. I
have always used a PVC (insulated) standoff arm to get the feedpoint of
dipoles several feet (usually 3'-5') away from the tower . I assumed that this
would help minimize interaction with other antennas on the tower, and
basically be good all around. My dipoles usually worked pretty well done this
way, even though it's more trouble mechanically.

I wonder if anyone has done any modeling or has any evidence (anecdotal or
otherwise) to show this method being better or worse than simply tying the
center insulator a few inches off of the tower itself?

Enquiring minds want to know...

73, Will 

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