[TowerTalk] Force 12 C3 series

DavidC davidc@bit-net.com
Sun, 18 Oct 1998 22:38:06 -0400

> > I guess my question is -- Does anyone with real experience with these
> > have any reason one should   buy a C3S instead of a full size C3
(except the
> > slightly narrower 10M bandwith) ??    Swilsonac6@aol.com
>  For all intents and purposes, it's the same antenna but with less
> turning radius. The C-3SS was the result of trying to shrink the C-3.
They all work FB.
> Cheers,  Steve   K7LXC

I was just convinced to pass on a nice used C3S because I was told by my
Elmer that boom length is critical to gain and the C3S is way too short to
claim gain close to the C3 ... I suppose this will stir up some sort of
hornet's nest about the boom length issue ... go for it, as always it is
certain to be a wonderful education ... and I will shut up and just read.  
 73, DavidC  AA1FA

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