[TowerTalk] RE: XYL must approve antenna's...

k2we@juno.com k2we@juno.com
Wed, 2 Sep 1998 18:56:27 +0700

I've been watching all the comments regarding antenna & tower
installations that must pass the XYL's approval...I'm a bit confused...
I've been married to the same wonderful lady for 22+ years now.. When I
told her about 15 years ago, I wanted to install a tower.. she said go
right ahead... She never gave me any grief... She knows how much the
hobby means to me and that I can usually be found in the basement tuning
around on a various radio... Not, out with the guy's bar hopping...I just
can't get over these messages that the wife doesn't want the tower or
antenna... Marriage is a 2 way street... I respect what my wife does and
she does the same for me...In my house, we share everything... I won't do
anything without talking it over first.. 

I think it's very important that your XYL understand you love her more
than the hobby.. I think most are very jealous.. This should not be... My
wife knows she's number 1 with me.. When we vacation in Barbados (where
I'm 8P9AP) she knows a radio will come along on the trip... No problem
with her.... Maybe I can only speak for myself.. but I'm not a Bill
Clinton...and my wife knows that....

On my recent trip to vietnam (where I operated as 3W6WE) the trip was a
50th birthday present... She knew how much it meant... Guy's. life is too
short...  and marriage is a two way street... I can't tell you what to
do, but if your honest with her, she should be the same with you..... She
has nothing to fear except maybe a higher utility bill.. Hi...

73.. Steve/K2WE

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