[TowerTalk] Cushcraft ATB-34 10 meter trap question

Donald Trayes wb4cvh@ithink.net
Sun, 5 Dec 1999 10:15:37 -0500


In 1979 I got a good deal from another ham on a ATB-34 new in the box, he
bought two.

Spent 20 years in the US Navy and It never got opened till last week! Never
had my own tower till now. Used dipoles and verticals.

Now my problem:

In the box I have 3 - 10 meter traps ( 26-3/8" overall length) used on
Driven element #3 per manual.

And only 1 - 10 meter trap (23-3/8" overall length) used on Director #4 per

Looks like the box was packed wrong at Cushcraft.

All the 10 meter traps look identical except for the extra 3" on the one
trap. Could I assemble them as Is and check to see If they operate OK, or
cut the extra 3" off the driven element trap,

or any other suggestions!

Thanks and 73
Winter Haven, FL

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