[TowerTalk] Problem with KT34XA strap

Chuck Sudds csudds@probe.net
Mon, 06 Dec 1999 14:24:54 -0600

At 01:00 PM 12/6/1999 -0500, thompson@mindspring.com wrote:
>I got numerous replies to my problems with the dual driven element strap
>problem on my KT-34XA.
>1.    The strap connections are bad.  I did tighten them up to Bruce's specs
>so that is a remote probabability.
>2.    The straps touch with motion and wind.   I think this is getting
>close.  I looked at the strap with binoculars
>        and the leaves have left a residue (they all fall in November and

When I had a KT34XA up a few years back, I noticed the potential for these
straps to be a little too close for MY comfort, so I put some heat-shrink
tubing over them both, heated it up and never had another problem with
these!  Here in Iowa, we get lots of freezing rain, etc. which would short
them out and the SWR would go crazy!  Good luck!

Chuck  KØTVD

Chuck Sudds  KØTVD
Missouri Valley Iowa (Harrison County) U.S.A.
	Heartland DX Association - http://ns1.qsl.net/hdxa/



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