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Wed, 08 Dec 1999 10:29:04 -0500

The L&R towers use legs that make a 60deg angle, not 90deg. They are 3
They also make tubular towers, I believe. The one I use (LR20) is pretty
popular up here with amateurs. I believe it is the smallest size they

Tower2sell@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 12/7/1999 8:50:45 AM Central Standard Time,
> mel@interlink.net writes:
> > Reading the mail, it seems many of the popular towers in the States use
> >  tubular legs. We tend to use different brands up in Canada, and it seems
> >  to me construction is more commonly using open L shaped legs, (my tower
> >  is a 20" face Leblanc and Royale) which avoids a number of problems I've
> >  seen documented on the reflector recently. In addition, it's not as easy
> >  to see defects or deterioration inside a tubular leg. I'm just wondering
> >  why manufacturers still use tubing. Is it stronger? ...cheaper?
> >  ...easier to fabricate?
> >
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> >  Mel Martin
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> Actually, the round shape is used in communication towers because the
> ANSI/EIA/TIA-222-F penalizes angle towers for wind resistance. Additionally,
> four legged towers are penalized more than  three legged towers. Normal
> angles require four sides unless you "bend your own" angles which can be more
> costly. The bottom line is that the building code makes round three legged
> towers cheaper than three or four legged angle towers.
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Mel Martin

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