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Sante - IK0HBN ik0hbn@isa.it
Fri, 10 Dec 1999 01:19:01 +0100

Hi there,
I need next weekend to run 2 radios at my shack. I'll operate 10 Meter ARRL
and I will leave free all other antennas for some friends who will do a
domestic contest on 40-80. As amplifiers are planned to be using, not
having time enough to purchase a DUNESTAR filter, I have thought at a
quarter stub to be used on 10 meter radio. Do it must be grounded at its
one end or left open? What about a network of 3 stubs, always one quarter
long each in the following shape:
     |      |
     |      |
     |      |
1 QUARTER between radio-antenna
and other 2 quarter downside??
Do it worth in terms of attenuation the complication of doing such a network?
For tuning them all I have would be the INNER SWR meter at MP
Hope drawing is clear.
Thank you.
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